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Ported M90 Supercharger

Item #: ZZ-PM90SC
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    ZZPerformance has long been considered the leader in M90 blower performance. We hold the record for the highest Gen 3 M90 dyno's on a FWD grand prix by a large margin making nearly 15% more power than any other car using a non-ZZP enhanced blower. Our supercharger dyno gives us the ability to build and test designs in a way normally only available to Eaton or GM. Buying a ported blower from another company gives you guess work on outlet design and improved efficiency. Only ZZP gives you researched and proven performance!  The port work done by ZZPerformance represents years of in car testing, chassis dyno'ing and running designs on our exclusive supercharger dyno.

    We offer 2 services for blower porting. Outlet porting and inlet porting. Outlet porting is shown in the picture above. Outlet porting reduces blower outlet temps and increases blower efficiency. Tests show that CFM gains begin at 10,000 rpm blower speed. We recommend porting your lower intake or running our lower intake to maximize performance gains.

    For our inlet porting we open the inlet to 78mm, remove the divot in the airpath, revamp the bypass hole angle and taper the bore.

    Blowers modified for use on the SS L36 M90 kit include case clearancing for injectors and outlet port work.

    Please order a supercharger gasket and supercharger oil separately.  We only offer our blower porting service to people with Generation 3 M90 superchargers.  We do not port the Gen 5 supercharger because the outlet is already optimal and the inlet is already 75mm.

    Core charge is refundable upon return of a usable, clean blower case. $25 deducted for painted cores, we may return your case back if we feel the inside is too scored to modify and use.

    Case only core charge is just that. A bare case. Complete blower core charge gives you a ready to bolt on blower.


    Gen 3 blower only!
    UPS shipping only.



    Supercharger bolts: 17ft/lbs

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