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2.2/2.4L Bolt on Supercharger Kit - ZZ-2224SCKT
2.2/2.4L Bolt on Supercharger Kit - ZZ-2224SCKT
2.2/2.4L Bolt on Supercharger Kit - ZZ-2224SCKT
2.2/2.4L Bolt on Supercharger Kit - ZZ-2224SCKT

2.2/2.4L Bolt on Supercharger Kit

Item #: ZZ-2224SCKT
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Price: $2,299.99

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    The kit includes:

    • M62 Supercharger
    • Custom ZZP modular pulley system
    • LSJ lower intake using Laminova intercooler
    • LSJ throttlbody
    • 60# Siemens injectors
    • Cooler NGK spark plugs
    • TB adapter harness
    • MAF extension
    • 2 bar MAP sensor (included in vehicles 04-07)
    • 4 bar MAP sensor (Included on vehicles 08+)
    • Serpentine belt
    • ZZP intake tube with K&N filter
    • ZZP Alternator spacer
    • ZZP idler stand with idler pulley
    • Valve cover breather
    • Bosch IC pump & mounting bracket
    • ZZP S3 heat exchanger
    • All nuts, bolts, gaskets, fittings, and hoses needed
    • Instructions and parts checklist

    This is a complete bolt on supercharger kit for your 2.2 or 2.4L Ecotec engine. It comes with everything needed to install except the tools! Every piece of this kit is now brand new, no more used components are included.

    Stage 2 adds a dual pass endplate for better intercooling, and a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost.

    Model Year Info:

    • '06-07 2.4L – the kit comes with a LSJ throttlebody and a TB adapter harness
    • '08+ 2.4L – the kit comes with a LSJ throttlebody and a 6 to 8 pin harness

    2.2L – the kit comes with a LSJ TB and a TB extension harness

    Core Charge Info: If you want us to send you the ECU and/or TCU first, a refundable core charge will be added to the price of this item. The core charge is 100% refundable with the return of your original ECU and/or TCU within 14 days of receiving them. We will have to charge extra for non Cobalt PCM cores.

    Return labels are only available for the lower 48 states.

    If you have an issue with your PCM or install, the core return allowance of 14 days will be extended until the issue is resolved. PCMs are flashed on a per order basis and once shipped they are non-returnable. Warranty replacements are offered for 1 year on defective products.

    Email: customerservice@zzperformance.com for more details.


    How much power will this kit make?

    The kit is conservatively tuned for maximum reliability. Gains will depend on supporting mods. On our 2.4L test car, we dyno'd 146WHP stock and with this kit and exhaust 225WHP. Gains can be more or less depending on 2.2 or 2.4, how aggressive your tune is, whether you have exhaust or other work done, etc.

    Stage 2 adds an additional 25HP.

    How much boost does it give?

    Boost is dependent on pulley size and engine displacement. 2.2's will make a little more boost with the same pulley size than a 2.4. The kit comes with a 3.4" pulley and makes around 8 psi on a 2.4 and 9 on a 2.2

    -Stage 2 kit is 3psi more than stage 1

    Can I change pulleys for more boost?

    The pulley this kit requires is custom. It works with our standard modular hub which comes pre-installed on the blower but the pulley itself has a special design for use in this application.

    Stage 1 pulley is 3.4", stage 2 is 3.1". Pulleys are available separately for $60.

    Is this the same as buying an LSJ take off?

    No. There are many advantages of this kit over that route.

    1. The LSJ uses a 6 rib belt. The 2.2 and 2.4 use a 5 rib belt. This means doing a lot of custom work or changing over all the accessories to 6 rib. Our kit uses a custom length 5 rib belt for everything allowing use of all your factory components and you don't have to remove the balancer.

    2. The LSJ uses 34# multec 2 connection injectors. These will not plug into your 2.2/2.4 harness. They are too small for this application. Our kit includes 60# injectors that plug in with no cutting or splicing.

    3. The heat exchanger on an LSJ is difficult to install and much smaller than the custom ZZP S3 HE we include with this kit.

    4. The LSJ throttle body will not plug into your factory harness, nor will it reach the new location of the TB. We include an adapter harness making this job simple and quick.

    5. The LSJ intake will not fit without moving things around. Coolant reservoir and other items get in the way. Our kit is setup to work without moving these items.

    6. The LSJ pulley is 3.35" but has a larger OD than what we include. Our pulley is safer on the engine and requires less work to fit on the automatic cars where the engine is moved forward.

    Do I need a tune?

    Yes, a tune is required. If you install this kit with your stock PCM calibration, the car will not run properly and you could damage your engine very quickly. We offer tuning for the 06-10 2.4L and 07-10 2.2L. We can send out a PCM/TCM for the 2.4L cars, but we would need your 2.2L pcm to read/tweak/flash. We do not have tuning ability for the 05-06 2.2L applications, we recommend Trifecta Performance for tuning.

    -A dyno tune is not required but will maximize your performance

    What is a core charge?

    It's a deposit if you want us to send you a new computer before sending your old one back for the deposit refund. You can send your PCM in first for tuning (if we have it available for your model) and this is the best way to get a good tune.

    What if I have some of my own parts already?

    Select from the drop down menu above to reduce the price of the kit. Be aware that we limit our tech support to the items you have purchased from us. If you have your own blower, you'll need a pulley puller to install our modular hub. You cannot use this kit with a factory LSJ pulley on the blower!

    Do I need any special tools?

    No. Just the basics. Socket set, open end wrenches. We pre-install the hub on the blower so you don't need a pulley puller. Our kit doesn't require changing the crank pulley so that job is much easier.

    What else is needed to run this kit?

    Premium fuel is required. You will damage your engine if you run regular or midgrade gas while under boost. Synthetic oil is recommended. Exhaust modifications are helpful but not required for stage 1. Upgraded exhaust required for stage 2.

    Fits HHR!

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 4
    I would Recommend ZZP
    Steve - VSR Customs
    Review Date:

    To start off this kit is a good buy for the price they save you time and money in my opinion. The power it adds is great, and the kit wasn't hard to install at all! I had a few problems along the way and ZZP was there to help. The only thing that kinda bothers me is that you can't call them; its only email, but i do understand why they do that. Anyways i would recommend ZZP to all cobalt owners that are wanting a S/C!
    2010 Malibu 2.4 >approved
    Menarim Garage
    Review Date:

    Installation made ??on the 2010 Malibu 2.4 .... Gave almost everything right, just a few adaptations .... Very good!
    awsome kit!
    Gatineau, Qc.
    Review Date:

    Awsome supercharger kit. Great way to take full advantage of what your 2.2l can give you. Not the same car at all! Took about a day and a half to install,

    and a few datalogs with Vince at Trifecta. Deffinitely worth it!
    nice supercharger kit
    manny silva
    Review Date:

    The install was so easy and no problems with the install my car feels so different I recommend to people that want to supercharge there ecotec