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4T65E (HD) Transmission - ZZ-4T65EHDT-292G-CORE
4T65E (HD) Transmission - ZZ-4T65EHDT-292G-CORE

4T65E (HD) Transmission

Item #: ZZ-4T65EHDT-292G-CORE
Availability: Available 7-10
Usually ships In 7-10 Business Days
Price: $2,199.99

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    Standard to ALL ZZP transaxles are:

    • All new Raybestos clutches
    • New solenoids as needed
    • New filter
    • New sleeves, bushings, bearings and seals
    • New bands
    • New Borg Warner HV-093 chains
    • Upgraded input speed reluctor wheel
    • New valve body on shipped transmissions
    • Differential gears and pinion shaft checked for wear
    • Damaged or worn parts are replaced (bad differentials, or damage to the casing will be billed separately)
    • Custom shift kit
    • Forward bands replaced with high energy green bands
    • Externally adjustable line pressure (ZZP exclusive!)
    • Hardened 4th clutch shaft
    • Steel channel plate gasket
    • Upgraded TCC apply valve
    • Differential squirter (ZZP exclusive!)
    • GM DEXRON VI transmission fluid

    ZZPerformance works with Certified Transmission to do our work.  Certified has been in business for 65 years.  The owner, Steve, has over 30 years of experience himself!  Eleven years ago we began working with Steve for our 4t65e-HD race transmissions.  Since then, he has completed over 200 high performance GTP transmissions including our 8 and 9 second GPs as well as many ten and eleven-second cars!  Steve is without a doubt the nation's best 4t65e-HD transmission builder.

    A stock GTP transmission is usually good for mid 13's continuous use.  We rate our base transmission for 13.0 continuous use.  By upgrading to one of our 245mm torque converters our transmissions are rated for upper 12's continuous use.  We recommend that all cars with over 75k miles upgrade their converter.  Adding the input shaft lowers the ET rating to mid 12's continuous use.  After that our next recommendation is the single chain/gear conversion which makes the continuous use rating drop to low 12's.  For a reliable transmission with an 11 second continuous use rating we recommend adding the Meziere flex plate, chrome moly pump shaft and upgraded output shaft.  Our ratings are for continuous use and serve as a guideline only.  We give conservative guidelines to error in the side of caution.  We find that customers are happiest when our products exceed expectations.  It's this philosophy that has helped us maintain the highest transmission reliability of any 3800 vendor.  Building and assembly is done with many proprietary techniques.  This makes for very quick shift times, long clutch life, and higher HP capability than any stock transmission.  Externally adjustable line pressure allows fine tuning of shift firmness.  Any time the transmission is swapped, you should flush the trans cooler to avoid sending metal through your new trans.  This is what we recommend: Life Automotive's Trans Cooler Flush.

    How to order the ZZP Transmission:

    Option 1:  This will determine what chain/gear set you will receive.  The factory dual chain setup will be lucky to support 300whp, where the 7/8" single chain gear setup will support 400whp.  Any time you change the gear ratio from stock, the PCM will need to be reflashed for the change.  If it is not, then the car will not shift correctly, go into limp mode and possibly damage the transmission.
    Core charge: This determines the value of the transmission that we are sending you.  If you have a 97+ supercharged car, then you will select the standard 465e-HD excludes Comp G drop down, unless you have a "Comp G" car with tap shift, then you will select the Comp G specific core charge drop down.  If your car is not supercharged, then you will need to select "HD upgrade on my non-HD car" and it will come with a HD differential, HD diff cover, and HD passenger side axle when you return your core, you will only receive $100 back though, because it will not be an HD core.  We only offer our transmission in the "HD".  If you have a 97 non supercharged car, or a 96 supercharged car, then you will select the "460e" drop down.  If you are coming in for an install, or shipping us your trans core first, then you will select those drop downs and you will not be charged a core charge.
    Year of Your Car: self explanatory.
    Shipping: self explanatory.
    Add on: This will determine what input shaft the trans comes with.  The stock OEM input shaft is pretty weak and has been known to fail at stock power levels.  Our 4340 input shaft will support up to around 600hp, and the 300m version will support around 1000hp.  If you do not select a ZZP upgraded shaft, it will come with a stock one.
    Add on #2: This will determine what pump shaft the trans will come with.  The stock OEM pump shaft will support up to around 6300rpm shift points, the 4340 pump shaft will support well over 7000rpm.

    We offer a complete series of upgrades which are priced (when buying the ZZP transmission) as follows:

    NOTE: Please send transmission core returns and transmissions to be worked on to:
    Certified transmission
    Attn: Core Returns
    842 West Fulton
    Grand Rapids, MI 49504

    ZZP is located in Wyoming, MI 49519 and can arrange hotel stay for discounted rate if you want to visit . Call Steve from Certified Transmission at 616-459-0935 to check for available install dates only. 

    Holiday Inn Express  www.hiexpress.com/grandvillemi
    4651 36th Street Southwest
    Grandville, MI 49418
    (616) 532-0202
    Enter 100213774 corporate ID# and then hit availability. It will pull up our special rates and you can reserve from there.

    Grand Village Inn 800-237-8737
    3425 Fairlanes Avenue Southwest  Grandville, MI 49418
    (616) 532-3222 

    Either one, just mention that ZZPerformance sent you and you will get a discount.


    Warranty information:

    Warranty is 90 days on shipped transmissions and 180 days on transmissions installed by Certified Transmissions. Warranty begins on date of purchase and covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty provides for a replacement or repair (at our discretion) of transaxle only, and does not cover labor or any other costs. Purchaser and installer assume all liability with regard to any and all damages in any way related to the purchase, installation and/or use of this transaxle. After the 90/180 warranty is up or if a non-warranty item fails, we will repair the transmission for a reduced cost based on age and extent of damage. Most major repairs (where the trans must be removed) will run $700 plus the cost of hard parts. In cases where the transmission has been warranted because of a covered failure our policy is the reset your original warranty as it applies to the warranted problem only.

    Hard part failures of stock input, pump or output shafts are not covered under warranty. Chain breakage is not covered under warranty. Prior to Feb of 2006, we did not warranty differential failures. Selling over 200 transmissions, we now have had a chance to warranty and work on many cars. In cars later having problems over 1/2 of them were differential related. We are therefore adjusting our transmission price, adding differential failures to the list of warranty covered items and making the differential squirter a standard option.

    If you make a warranty claim or we incur any expense related to a warranty claim and it turns out to be related to an item you installed on your car, a different component failure causing issues with your transmission, or something unrelated to our transmission you will be responsible for all costs billed at our normal shop rate.

    Here are examples of what is and what is not covered and how we will take care of it:

    • If your transmission begins leaking, clutches wear out, converter starts slipping, internal gaskets fail, a solenoid fails, or you have any other problem related to use it will be repaired under standard warranty.
    • If you have a differential failure it will be covered under our standard warranty (applies to Feb 06+ transmissions)
    • The warranty starts the day you have it installed or it arrives if shipped. Mileage does not affect warranty, if you wish to have your transmission covered under warranty longer than the 90/180 please purchase our extended warranty. We absolutely will not provide warranty coverage for breakages past the 90/180 warranty no matter what the situation if you did not purchase an extended warranty. 
      If you have us install or use an aftermarket differential and it fails, your transaxle it will not be covered under warranty. Exception is us installing a GMR diff purchased and installed by us.
    • If a hard part (pump shaft, input shaft, chain, output shaft) fails it will not be covered under warranty.
    • If you have a transmission cooler installed which leaks or clogs and causes transmission failure it will not be covered under warranty.
    • If you have a stock flex plate which breaks or the bolts back out it will not be covered under warranty.
    • The OEM transmission cooler in the radiator can fail and send metal fins through the transmission. If this happens, your transmission will not be covered under warranty. We inspect and flush radiator coolers when doing installs and recommend you do the same. If we ship you a transmission and you have an older or high mileage car, we recommend replacing the radiator with a new one to be safe.
    • If you have a transmission installed here and it needs service you must bring your car back. If this isn't possible you will be responsible for the local R&R and it will have to be shipped back for warranty. You will be responsible for shipping here and we will pay for return shipping. If your transmission breaks on the way home, we limit liability to a 100 mile tow, after which you will be responsible for all costs. Please take this into account when considering whether to drive in for an install or have it done locally.
    • For service on transmissions that were shipped (including units that have problems immediately) we cover it as follows: We will pay to have a new transmission shipped to you and pay for the return shipping. We will not pay for the labor involved in taking the transmission in or out of the car. We apologize for the money this can cost but we do not have this built into the price and cannot pay for it. The labor costs involved in R&R of a transmission are not controllable by us. To ship out a new transmission we must first receive your original ZZP transmission back or a deposit on the new one.
    • If you have another shop work on your transmission or you open it yourself, the ZZP warranty is done and we will not be liable for any costs or problems.
    • You make a warranty claim due to shifting issues and we find out that you have a bad TPS sensor: You will be responsible for any and all costs related to us inspecting, repairing or working on the car.

    Depending on the shipping location, there could be extra charges for shipping.

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 3
    David S
    Review Date:

    Shifts are quick and on point . feels strong car was meant to feel this way .

    better then stock . thanks zzp

    The Bay Area
    Review Date:

    I bought a trans with the 2:92 gearing for my 97 PAU. This trans is awsome!! Firm shifts are there when I want them, soft shifts when I want to just cruise, I couldnt be happier with this product. A+++ Well worth the money.
    LOVE IT!
    United States
    Review Date:

    This tranny rocks, I have only had it installed for a few weeks so I cannot talk about life expectancy. She shifts crisp yet not jarring from 1-2 and pretty smooth through the rest of the gears. my traction control works perfectly (when I got the car it didnt cause the tranny was starting to go) it came in the 3-5 day period it was supposed to all painted up and pretty and the feedback was very fast when I had questions. I highly recommend this tranny vs a cheap rebuild with stock crap or a junkyard tranny that you never know how long it could hold up. I checked prices and looked at all the angles and I found this to be the best choice. Why get a tranny rebuilt with the same weak trash it went out with to begin with. This tranny is the answer!