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series II III 3.8 3800 v6 aluminum heads
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
ZZP Aluminum Heads - ZZ-ALMHEADS
series II III 3.8 3800 v6 aluminum heads
series II III 3.8 3800 v6 aluminum heads

ZZP Aluminum Heads

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    After 4 years of development and testing, ZZP is proud to release the world's only aftermarket aluminum heads for the Series II & III 3800 engine. Not only do these new heads address every shortcoming of the factory iron heads, they are one of the single largest mods you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle.



    Benefits include:

    • 35 pounds of weight savings(per pair), improving vehicle weight balance, launching, handling, fuel economy and braking
    • Increase flow provides large HP gains in every application and better engine efficiency for improved economy
    • Aluminum allows higher boost and/or more compression with the same octane fuel
    • 56cc chambers increase compression .6 on GTP(L67) and .8 with GT(L36) pistons (stock is 62cc)
    • 148cc intake runners, 58cc exhaust
    • Reinforcements to prevent flexing under high boost applications
    • Extra material for custom port work
    • Sturdy rocker stands which remove potential rocker arm movement under high loads
    • Custom designed to allow the additional of extra head bolts on top and below cylinders
    • 1.96 intake 1.57 exhaust valves (stock is 1.80"/1.52")
    • Precision surface finish of 40 ra ensures perfect sealing with any head gaskets


    Complete heads - Assembled and ready to bolt on. (Complete with springs, REV valves, hardened seats, guides, valve seals, retainers, keepers.)

    Free international shipping!




    1. Is anything else required to run these heads?

    No. Buying complete heads gives you a ready to bolt on product. 


    2. How much power will I make?

    Depends on your build. The highest HP M90 vehicles and the fastest FWD GP on the planet currently run these heads.


    3. Can they be ported for additional gains?

    Yes but not like an iron head. They are already seat blended, have the short turn worked by hand and are cast to flow as a ported head out of the box. When doing so we recommend a matched lower intake. Expect gains of 2-5% with additional port work depending on if you have a custom intake manifold matched.


    4. Is there any special setup?

    Push rod length should be checked and matched to your setup.


    5. What rockers can I use?

    Any rockers that work with normal 3800 iron heads.


    Product Reviews
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    Mike N
    Review Date:

    <p>I've had these heads, for a few years, now.

    First, they are gorgeous.

    Second, ZZP has done an excellent job, making these; fit and finish is excellent.

    Third, wow do they work. I run these with my HTV1900 setup, at ~23lbs of boost and they have proven themselves to be, very, robust. Surviving all the abuse I have dished out.

    I run them, as shipped, and they were a noticeable improvement over my fully ported setup.</p>