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Item #: COMP-3312/3314-116+2-XP
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    • 212°/224° at .050"
    • Intake Lift .325" (.520" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
    • Exhaust Lift .335" (.536" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
    • 116 Lobe Separation

    Designed and used by Chris White, the Competition cams X-P HOT cam is designed for supercharged or nitrous applications on 96 and up GM 3800s. The XP cam produces higher WHP and torque numbers than any cam grind currently available (that can be used with stock heads).  Look for gains of 40-55 hp depending on your car's current configuration.

    This cam (and any cam with a lift of over ~.515) requires upgraded valve springs and modified retainers for safe long term operation on stock heads.  You could run higher lift with stock valvetrain but you're asking for trouble.  Down the road you will be using oil as your valve seals become prematurely worn.  We recommend 125#/130#/140# valve springs, titanium retainers, LS7 or Comp OER lifters, ZZP or Comp Cams pushrods and the Rollmaster double timing chain for shift points of 6300-6600rpm.  125+ # valve springs are too much for the stock timing chain and dampener, the Rollmaster timing chain is thicker than stock, so you will also want the machined oil pump cover and either two standard front cover gaskets or our garlock front cover gasket to give the Rollmaster some extra clearance.  PCM programming is recommended to remove the P0300 code and to raise the timing and shift points.

    Think you're going to be OK because another company told you so?
    Check this out: 

    "I had this(not the XP) installed last summer, and to my knowledge, I didn't need any machining on the guides to have this cam installed. Car soon started to use a little bit of oil it never had prior. It got to the point of about 1 quart a week, so took it apart sure enough the new seals were all chewed up the lift on the cam was too big and they were coming in contact with the guides."

    "I had the same problem too last summer, So I called and got a new set of viton seals, and didn't have a problem since then. Unfortunately I had to park my gp about 3 weeks after switching over to the news seals for problems unrelated to the cam. And ya mine was using about a quart a week too."

    "Also have the same cam and have to add a quart of oil every other month or so."

    Those are just a few situations that we pulled off of the message boards. Users were misled by another company into thinking that they would be safe running a higher lift cam w/o properly setting up their car for it. Six months to a year later they found out the hard way that you couldn't. It's easy to sell cams with big numbers and promise big gains, but part of modifying a car is doing it in such a way that your investment will last. This is why we are very up front with what to expect with our cams and encourage owners to Email us with any questions you might have before making a purchase.

    Still trying to decide between a Stage "X" cam and one of ours? Check this out: http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=1550443

    With supporting mods and a 3.0" pulley this cam is capable of 300WHP non-intercooled, and 340WHP intercooled. A PCM with raised shift points (6400) and rev limiter (6800) is recommended. You will need to have the P0300 code take out of the PCM if you don't want to see an SES light. (The P0300 code does not affect performance)

    Highly recommended supporting mods for this cam would be:

    Rollmaster double timing chain
    Comp lifters
    140# valve springs
    modified retainers
    machined oil pump cover
    2 paper front cover gaskets
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    update to previous post
    l67 swapped
    medina ohio
    Review Date:

    Shortly after I ran the 14.34 my plugs kept fouling. I switched to zzp 10.5mm wires and copper plugs. Havent had and issue since and its been about 7 months. I ran a 13.8 which is much better, still had a 2.5 60 ft though, tires and suspension are next it doesn't hook at all. Nothing else changed since the ignition issue. Same passenger also.Dont waste your time with taylor wires just do it right and go with zzp. I could have saved alot of headache.
    great cam
    L36 gone L67
    Review Date:

    I did a full L67 swap in my '01 GT and put this cam in before I did the swap. It sounds awesome and I ran a best of 14.34 with bad tires and a 200 lb passenger so I really may have been able to barely break into the 13's. The other mods I have done are the zzp CAI, zzp PLOG, zzp 2.5' down-pipe, muffler shop cat-back and everything zzp recommended to do along with the cam (double roller chain, lifters, springs, balance shaft delete, etc). And there was no tuning whatsoever just stock PCM and pump gas. And no extra weight reduction.