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Stainless Brake Lines

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    • PTFE inner hose covered by braided stainless steel
    • Plastic coating keeps them looking nice and makes cleaning easy
    • Includes 8 copper crush washers
    • DOT approved

    Stainless brake line kit for your Wbody replaces all of your factory rubber lines.  They will provide a more responsive and firm brake pedal by eliminating the spongy feel that often accompanies stock rubber brake lines.

    Longer fronts are 20.5" and work on F-body kits, Bonneville, and 13" brake kits.

    Brake components should be installed by a competent mechanic in a professional manner. Any incorrect installation of brake components can cause a major safety problem or an accident. If you are not a competent and qualified mechanic you should not attempt to install these products, but should take the vehicle to a vehicle dealer or competent automotive mechanic for their installation.

    These brake lines will only work on W-body vehicles.  For example, will not fit a 00+ Bonneville.

    DOT approved.

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    Long front brake stainless lines
    Kev H
    Orland Park, Ill.
    Review Date:

    THese lines are very quality built! Replaced a broken stainless braided line from a well known brake line. Night and day difference in quality! Thanks again ZZP!!