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Short Stack Intercooler - ZZ-SSIC-GEN3GP
Short Stack Intercooler - ZZ-SSIC-GEN3GP

Short Stack Intercooler

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    • 3 piece aluminum core
    • Single pass front mount heat exchanger
    • Flojet 3.2 GMP pump
    • 2 Garloc supercharger gaskets
    • All hoses including our new fill kit
    • Printed instructions
    • All hose clamps, fittings, RTV, and zip ties
    • Longer stainless bolts for the supercharger

     The SS Intercooler raises the Supercharger only an inch so it fits under any hood. The kit comes complete with everything you need except for coolant and a new supercharger belt. Gen 3 is for '97 - 03 Grand Prix or other vehicles with the L67, Gen 5 is for 2004 and newer Grand Prix or vehicles with the L32.  The Short Stack Intercooler allows you to get rid of the KR you currently have or if you don't have any you can drop .1 or .2" in pulley size.

    • Car idle, streetability and gas mileage remain unchanged
    • Works fine year round
    • Prevents detonation and chipped pistons
    • PCV system remains functional
    • Stock EGR function
    • New core design outperms the old system
    • New instructions are more detailed and 2004+ specific sections
    • New heat exchanger install methods do not require you to modify your hood latch

    5 hour install time. The most complete kit on the market!

    How can it be priced so low?
    Using a smaller core requires less aluminum and less CNC time. Doing a large volume production run lowers costs as well. By using technology gained from our standard intercoolers, and keeping the parts list simple we are able to offer the SS intercooler at a previously unheard of price.


    How does it compare to your other IC?
    On the supercharger dyno we have tested effectiveness and it cooled the discharge air by 83 degrees. Our standard IC cooled 144 deg. The internals of the SS core are .75" thick and our standard Intercooler internal fins are 1.65" thick. Both are a stacked plate design. The standard core has 16 fluid channels and the Short Stack has 12.


    Is it a complete kit?
    Yes, our kits are complete. All parts and gaskets are included.

    Does it work with the ZZP L36 Supercharger kit?
    Yes, but it does require injectors spacers since the fuel rails are bolted to the blower.


    Can I stack 2 of them?
    Yes, you can, but we recommend our stage 2 kit as a better alternative.


    Will it fit under my hood?
    The SS intercooler core is only 1" thick making it less than 1/2 the thickness of most intercoolers. No modifications to your airbox ducting, coil pack, or hood should be necessary.


    Are there any other parts I will need?
    Yes, a new SC belt and Dexcool coolant.


    How long will it take to install?
    Total install time should be around 4-7 hours. Installation is available at our Grand Rapids location for $500 labor.


    Does the PCV system still work?

    Yes, the PCV system functions like stock. No passages are blocked. There is no need to run a breather.


    Do I have to modify the fuel rail?
    Billet fuel logsfuel injector spacers or modified fuel rails with included parts will be needed. Unlike our standard IC only one line needs to be extended if you decide to cut the rail.


    How small of a pulley can I run?
    This depends on your current configuration. Most buyers of the SS intercooler drop .1-.3" in pulley size depending on what other mods they have and how much KR they are currently seeing. Most beginning to mod their car buy a 3.4" pulley (and usually have some KR), we recommend dropping to a 3.20 or 3.25 pulley on a car that's nearly stock.


    What size belt do I need?
    Your stock belt (for the 3.8" pulley) will work with a 3.1, 3.2, and a 3.25" pulley. To run a 3.0 or 2.9 you'll need a 4060660.


    Do I need a machined intake?

    No, its not required but it can be beneficial, if you wanted one, you would order the "standard" machined intake.  However it is highly recommended to replace the lower intake gaskets if your car has over 80,000 miles.  If you install the machined intake, to take full advantage of it, you would also want to have your blower outlet ported to match the IC core.


    How much HP will I make?
    Dyno testing on a motor with exhaust and 3.5" pulley, we made 4 additional HP simply by adding the SS IC. That's at the same timing. By eliminating KR or dropping in pulley size with the addition of the IC, look for gains around 30HP.

    Instruction write up:

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    Product Reviews
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    Customer Reviews: 3
    Removed 5* Knock
    New York
    Review Date:

    <p>I purchased the SSIC for my 02 GPGT in summer of 2014. I supercharged it in summer 2013 with ZZP's SSM90 Kit. Car had PEM's, 3"DP, A103's, 180*T-stat, Ported TB, K&N Intake on a 3.8 Pulley, I had about 3-5* knock during the summer; more after heat soak. </p><p>Install was a breeze, everything fit perfect, took me about 7 total hours over the course of 2 days. A little drilling and modification to get the front HEX to mount but that is expected.</p><p>It removed all my knock in the summer months on the 3.8 so I bought a 3.6 and 3.4 pulley. Now during the winter I have absolutely NO knock on a 3.4 pulley. Occasionally I see a blip on the gauge during summer days. Keep in mind this is an L36 motor with higher compression than the L67. Thus my 3.4 pulley is equiv. to a 3.2 or 3.1 pulley on a GTP. </p><p>I give it 5/5 stars. But, I would have bought the full size if it fit my SSM90 kit...</p>
    98 Regal GS
    regal 98
    Review Date:

    <p>Honestly the most relaxing exciting install ever. Everything fit like a glove (given you have some fab skills) I ordered the kit with the 1inch injector spacers and did my own porting to the LIM and blower. Running a plog 3"DP intake 3.3mps (don't expect to go any lower) dhp tune 0KR. I blew the stock tranny a week after install=) it has power. I use the car for roadtrips cant wait to hit the road this winter.</p>
    2007 GP GT
    Review Date:

    <p>Installation went well.

    Feeling the lines running to and from the core tells the story.

    It seems very effective.</p>