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We are the world's largest supplier of aftermarket performance parts for the late model 3800, Ecotec and soon to be ATS platforms. We design, test, and manufacture the majority of our products in house to keep costs low and quality high. By building more specific test equipment than any other vendor in our fields and reinvesting the majority of our sales into product development, our performance products are unparalleled. We offer same day shipping on orders placed before 5pm Eastern Time and extremely low prices. Give us a try and turn your curiosity into an obsession.

The fastest and highest HP cars run ZZP products!

Motor/Vehicle Elapsed Time Notes
2.4 Liter LE5 11.83@113.78mph (gas) 401whp (E85)
2.0 Liter LSJ 9.82@141.6mph (30psi) 898whp (54psi)
Fastest M62 powered Cobalt 12.32@114+mph 320whp (E85)
Fastest M62 powered Ion 12.1@119+mph 400whp (E98)
Fastest LNF 10.99@133.6mph (27psi) 710whp (44psi)
Fastest stock turbo LNF 11.62@119mph 383whp
The World's Fastest FWD 3800 8.6582@158.97mph (24psi) 870whp (28psi)